Why I don’t program for the iPhone

Drifting off to sleep the other night, I realized that what turns me off about developing for the iPhone isn’t the overcrowded market, or the hardware with its limited resources, or even the multitude of fart apps. What turns me off is that the iPhone is a brilliant platform, but an awful ecosystem.

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On semantic HTML

Reposted from a discussion on pdxruby.

On Jun 14, 2008, at 3:02 AM, Bill Burcham wrote:

How does one resolve the Absolute Good of semantic HTML against the need for a CSS layout framework?

But I must ask: Semantic to whom? The framework? The browser? The web developer? The user? The user who peers into the HTML page to see how well/poorly it’s constructed?


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Evolution of the homepage

Once upon a time, when the web was new (and was called by its full moniker, the World Wide Web), people had homepages. Like little artist studios open to the street, homepages were personal playgrounds made public, space both private and personal. In the days before search engines, we’d visit someone’s homepage because they’d invited us, or someone else had invited us. Discovered not by centralized indexing and retrieval, but instead by wandering and word of mouth, homepages were often magical little rooms, filled with strange objects and stranger stories.


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